Father Depaul Anthony Genska, OFM

Depaul (nee: George) was born on May 5, 1931 in Syracuse NY. Leonora Lawless, his mother, was a New York State telephone operator. George, his dad, was an Erie Barge Canal worker. George is their only child.

George entered the minor Franciscan seminary in Callicoon, NY, in third year high school (1947). He received his further education in the seminary system of Holy Name Franciscan Province (Provincialate: 158 West 27th ST, New York City). In the novitiate he took the name "Depaul" after St. Vincent de Paul; and "Anthony" after St. Anthony of Padua.

Depaul was ordained on April 25, 1958. After several ministerial assignments on the east coast, he enrolled in September 1978 at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. CTU is a school of ministry in the Catholic tradition. His studies concentrated on how to minister with persons in the sex industry. Depaul became involved with persons in prostitution in June 1972 in New York City. Depaul received a MTS degree (Masters in Theological Studies) in 1980. For his MTS thesis, he designed a course on "The Dynamics of Heterosexal* Prostitution". He taught the initial course during the Spring Quarter of 1980.

While at CTU, providentially, Depaul met Ms. Edwina Gateley (1979), a lay missionary from England. Edwina had similar interests as Depaul in heterosexual prostitution. In October 1983, Edwina founded Genesis House - a house of hospitality and nurturing for women in prostitution who earnestly desire to change their prostitution life-style to a more wholesome life-style. Since its founding, over 10,000 women (prostitutes) have received Genesis House holistic services. Depaul is on the Board of Directors for Genesis House.

Depaul maintains contact with some 90 groups/persons throughout the world involved in ministry-work with persons in prostitution. If you know of a group or person(s) involved in ministry-work with persons in prostitution, I would certainly appreciate hearing. Feel free to share with them my address: Fr. Depaul A. Genska, OFM - Catholic Theological Union - 5401 South Cornell Av - Chicago IL 60615 - phone: 773-753-5315 - e-mail: depaul@ctu.edu.

* Depaul prefers to call prostitution not just female prostitution but rather heterosexual prostitution. There are more men involved in "female" prostituion than there are women. For every woman (prostitute) there are conservatively ten men - customers, pimps. Without the demand on the men's part, there would be no supply on the women's part. Thanks to Dr. Jean-Guy Nadeau for this insight.

Prostitution is older than Christianity! "All compassionate God, send forth Your Spirit upon us, to inspire us to minister with persons in prostitution, manifesting love and not indifference towards them; sowing hope where there is little or none, and joy amid sorrow. Loving Lord, may we all be beneficiaries of Your mercy for all eternity! Amen."